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XML Authoring

Existing XML editors are target at developers and still ignore the fact that normal users don't want to read XML markup. Our view is: Not users of LuMriX - X2U have to align to XML, but XML has to align to users.


Simple Usability

With X2U the end user is not confronted with XML at all. However the user is able to create new XML files which later can be processed by any other XML aware application. The user always creates or modifies a well-formed and also valid standard XML file according to your defined XML Schema.

Simple Data Entry

Usual HTML forms often restrict the contents an author wants to put in. The X2U approach is more flexible. Simply change the underlying XML model to customize the forms.

You just have to create an XML model and end user only have to fill out automatically derived simple web forms. The XML model provides the XML structure and an interface (man-machine, machine-machine). X2U accepts an XML document, an XML Schema, a DTD (Document Type Definition) or an XML form (XForms). Your users can focus on data entry.

Simple Application for End Users

X2U works with any web browser, there is no need to train your end users. They don't have to deal with another application and it's overwhelming and confusing menus or options. They can start collecting and entering data right away. The focus is always on an easy, efficient and therefore also a cost effective way of creating XML files.

X2U is the ideal application for rapid and mass creation of XML.

» Client/Server Architecture
» Fully implemented in Java™
» Runs in your web browser

» Do not close the web browser while editing
» X2U is less suitable for (1) large documents, (2) list models and (3) recursive structures.
» Standards are only implemented to the extent of "need to have".
» Mixed content models are not yet supported.
» Attribute form controls are currently predefined (single line of text).
» This Price does not include any kind of support. The usage of the engine is described in the documention.


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