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A Traumatologist is someone trained to work with people who have just suffered extreme trauma, be that physical or emotional. This term can cover anesthesiologists, surgeons, paramedics- essentially any health care worker who helps people who have experienced a traumatic event, such as a car crash, terrorist attackor natural disaster.


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Because the field is one that can play a significant role in the survival and recovery of human beings, the ethics of how one should respond giving traumatic event X is a constantly evolving discipline. For example: What is the best way to help a burns victim, or a rapevictim, or someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer?

Trauma & Responses

Traumatologist groups have formed in response to large scale traumatic events, such as the Oklahoma City bombings. People found that war veterans, such as those who were in the Vietnam Warsuffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disorder that has only gained widespread acceptance within the last couple of decades. The Church of Scientologyhas a fundamental belief that traumatic events are imprinted on the pysche and releasing such burdens is the key to living a happy and free life.

Best Practices

Many journals are dedicated to the specifics of the newly considered best practices for Traumatologists. Over time it can be revealed that some practices thought to be beneficial, were actually detrimental to a person's health and well being, such as Recovered memory therapy, the use of leechesin medievil times(although they are being used in a helpful way today), and the practice of bloodletting.

See also

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