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Burnout (psychology)

This article is about the psychological term. For more meanings, see Burnout.

Burnout is a psychologicalterm for the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, usually coming immediately after an extended period of overwork. It is also used as an Englishslang term to mean exhaustion.

Computer programmersare often prone to burnout. For an example, see death march. However, research has shown that it is more likely to affect those in the care industries. Cordes and Doherty (1993), in their study of employees within this industry, found that workers who have frequent intense or emotionally charged interactions with others are more susceptible to burnout. Still, burnout can affect workers of any kind.

Students are also prone to burnout at the high school and college levels.

High stress jobs can lead to more burnout than normal ones. Cabdrivers, air traffic controllers, musicians, and artistsare all more prone to burnout than others.

See also

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  • The poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay: "My candle burns at both ends/It will not last the night."


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