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Interleukins are a group of cytokinesthat are expressed by white blood cells(leukocytes, hence the -leukin) as a means of communication (inter-). The function of the immune systemdepends in a large part on interleukins, and raredeficiencies of a number of them have been described, all featuring autoimmune diseasesor immune deficiency.

A list of interleukins with function:

  • IL-1: secreted by macrophages, induces acute phase reaction
  • IL-2: secreted by T cells, stimulates growth and differentiation of T cell response. Can be used in immunotherapyto treat cancer.
  • IL-3: secreted by T cells, stimulates bone marrow stem cells.
  • IL-4: involved in proliferation of B cells, and the development of T cellsand mast cells. Important role in allergicresponses.
  • IL-5: role in stimulation of B cells, eosinophil production, IgA production
  • IL-6: secreted by macrophages, induces acute phase reaction
  • IL-7: involved in B, T and NK cell survival, development and homeostasis
  • IL-8: Neutrophil chemotaxis
  • IL-9: stimulates mast cells
  • IL-10: inhibits Th1 cytokine production
  • IL-11: acute phase proteinproduction
  • IL-12: NK cellstimulation, Th1 cells induction
  • IL-13: Stimulates growth and differentiation of B-Cells, inhibits Th1 cells and the production of macrophage inflammatory cytokines
  • IL-17: Induces production of inflammatory cytokines
  • IL-18: Induces production of Interferon-Gamma (IFNy)

Interleukins edit

IL-1| IL-2| IL-3| IL-4| IL-5| IL-6| IL-7| IL-8| IL-9| IL-10| IL-11| IL-12| IL-13| IL-14| IL-15| IL-16| IL-17| IL-18| IL-19| IL-20| IL-21| IL-22| IL-23| IL-24| IL-25


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