List of phytopathology journals

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This is a representative list of scientific journals publishing articles in phytopathology.
  • Annales de Phytopathologie
  • Annual Review of Phytopathology (journal home)
  • Australasian Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • Canadian Plant Disease Survey (journal home)
  • European Journal of Forest Pathology
  • European Journal of Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • FAO Plant Protection Bulletin
  • Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (journal home)
  • Journal of Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (journal home)
  • Molecular Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • New Disease Reports (journal home)
  • New Zealand Plant Protection (journal home)
  • Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology
  • Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • Phytoparasitica (journal home)
  • Phytopathology (journal home)
  • Phytopathologische zeitschrift-Journal of Phytopathology
  • Phytoprotection (journal home)
  • Plant Disease (journal home)
  • Plant Disease Management Reports (journal home)
  • Plant Health Progress [(journal home)
  • Plant Pathology (journal home)
  • Zeitschrift fur pflanzenkrankheiten und pflanzenshutz-Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (journal home)

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