In aller Freundschaft

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In aller Freundschaft (in English something like "In all friendliness") is the title of a German television soap opera which has been on TV since 1998. The series is about the staff of the fictional hospital "Sachsenklinik" in the city of Leipzig.The series is produced by Degeto (subsidiary of the German TV channel ARD) and by the Saxonia Media Filmproduktion GmbH in the studios of the Media City Leipzig.The programme's first broadcast was back in autumn 1998. In the meantime, more than 300 episodes have been broadcasted.Initially, the focus was on Dr. Roland Heilmann, Dr. Achim Kreutzer as well as on Dr. Maia Dietz who were good friends. Nowadays there is a growing cast of 15-20 characters who arrange the story line (and only Dr. Roland Heilmann can still be seen in the programme).Most actors were already actíng on the German Democratic Republic television and cinema as well as the directors of photography like Celino Bleiweiß, Klaus Gendries, Peter Hill (all famous persons in the former GDR).Even though the series plays in the city of Leipzig (Saxony), the characters do not use the Saxon dialect in order to make it easier for the rest of the German population to understand them.More details about In aller Freundschaft can be found on the internet: German website



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