Dit Da Jow

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Dit Da Jow is a popular liniment sold to heal external damage (such as bruises, sore muscles, etc). It is also often known as "Teet Da Jow." The former translates as "falling hitting wine", while the latter translates as "iron hitting wine." In pinyin these are (respectively) spelled Die Da Jiu and Tieh Da Jiu. The solution consists of herbs soaked in grain alcohol or rice wine for a period of time (at least 6 weeks or more). Some formulas are buried in the ground but most are stored in a cool dark place.There are different makers of Dit Da Jow, all of which are considered to be "secret formulas" passed down though tradition. All of these basically heal the same, and it comes down to consumer's choice. It can be bought on internet shops and through martial arts catalogs, and in herb stores in your local Chinatown. Many traditional martial arts teachers and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) make their own homemade formulas, though.Dit Da Jow is used by martial artists when they are injured. It is massaged into an injury as a liniment that helps remove bruises and pain and aids the healing process of the body. It can be used for sprains, strains and any kind of pain.Another form of Dit Da Jow is Iron Palm Medicine. This is a specific formulation that is used only when training in Iron Palm.Dit Da Jow is easy to make at home. One of the best guides is Tom Bisio's book, "A Tooth From the Tiger's Mouth".

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